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Front Line FathersFrontline Fatherhood Program

The Cleveland Pregnancy Center offers support through our Frontline Fatherhood Program, which is dedicated to meeting the needs of the fathers within our communities.

Every day, men are attacked on all sides by an enemy no one can overcome alone. The world has defined “manhood” as an abundance of income, possessions, peer acceptance and sexual conquests. Families continue to fall apart as these enticements toward pride, greed, lust, and anger lead men blindly down the wrong path.

Frontline Fatherhood will radically impact your life by revolutionizing your ability to govern the four primary facets of life as a man:


Through Boot Camp for New Dad’s, Men’s Fraternity, and the individual mentoring programs, we will show men a new perspective on what it really means to be a responsible father; one who leaves a legacy of love for his children to remember him by. With fatherless children rates at an all-time high in America, we will EQUIP men to take a stand for manhood, and be all the fathers they could be for the next generation.


Through Men’s Fraternity, Every Man’s Battle, and individual mentoring programs, we will give men a vision of what their family could achieve and overcome under their strong leadership. As the concepts of family, loyalty, and honor are attacked in our culture, we must fight back with the will to rise up as the men of tomorrow; men willing to stand up for their family in the midst of the storms of life.


Utilizing the Crown Financial system of budgeting, we will educate men on the basics of money management. The “check-to-check” mentality has bound our minds for too long; therefore we will show men how to make their money work for them that they may experience the financial freedom they deserve for themselves and for their families.


Through Men’s Fraternity, group Bible studies, and individual mentoring programs, we will EXPOSE men to a God they may have never experienced before. To the literal freedom and joy that comes from having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

The Cleveland Pregnancy Center has a staff of volunteers committed to seeing men achieve their goals to be great fathers, honorable partners, and respectable individuals in and out of the home. Our male life coaches come from all walks of life and can relate to the whole spectrum of life experience both as fathers and as dads. They have been many of the places you have been, understand where you are now, and have a vision to help you get to where you want to go.

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Phone: 216.631.0964