Our Mission

Providing Biblical, life-affirming resources and services to those affected by an unexpected pregnancy.

What We Do

Since 1984, the Cleveland Pregnancy Center has offered free and confidential services for women and families experiencing unexpected pregnancy. Through generous donations and volunteer efforts, we have supported more than 5,000 abortion-vulnerable women while they chose life for their children.

Our Team

We are here to support women and families facing unexpected pregnancies. We educate those who come to our center on the support services they can receive, and we meet people where they are in a confidential, non-judgmental, and safe environment. By supporting women in the community, they can move forward with clarity and feel empowered to make a decision for their future.

Pregnancy Testing

For women facing an unexpected pregnancy, waiting for the results of their pregnancy test can be an overwhelming experience. We offer free, reliable pregnancy testing for women seeking support and validation through the process. This takes the guesswork out of when to test and provides peace of mind with dependable results for clarity and confidence along their journey.


Women with positive pregnancy tests are offered a free ultrasound. Ultrasounds provide vital information to a woman and her medical team, regardless of what pregnancy option a woman is considering.

Pregnancy Support

At Cleveland Pregnancy Center, pregnant women will find supportive care during their pregnancy. From parenting education classes, where women can earn points to shop for free clothing and supplies for their baby, to mentoring and community resources, women will be loved and cared for through each trimester of their pregnancy and beyond.

Post-Abortive Care

The emotional and spiritual scars of abortion can affect a woman for much longer than her physical wounds. We offer Healing Effects of Abortion Related Trauma (HEART), a seven-week post-abortion confidential support group to journey with women and men to address post-abortion syndrome (PAS) and bring about growth and healing. PAS symptoms may include sadness, grief, anxiety, guilt, self-destructive behaviors, and suicidal thoughts.

By addressing the trauma women carry from their abortions, we hope to prevent subsequent abortions and bring women hope.

Dads Matter

We welcome and value fathers and want to empower and equip them in their new journey! Video lessons sent right to the phone provide practical training on topics such as parenting, fatherhood, family, money management, and job readiness. Points are earned in these lessons to exchange for baby gear and supplies. Dad group mentors lead discussions and foster a community for dads to share resources, knowledge, and experiences. Fathers in our program get to enjoy access to our network of community partners!